Healthy, no chickpea 4 ingredient cookie dough! Protein packed, GF & vegan

I had just made chocolate chip cookies and knew the next thing I would have to make is cookie dough! I already have a recipe with chickpeas and apple sauce on this blog but this time I wanted to keep it really simple, authentic and healthy! For the basic version you need 4 ingredients and for the protein version 5 ( plus water). Check out IG TV for the recipe video in English or YouTube for the German one.

You can serve it in many different ways and it never gets boring!

Vegan and healthy protein cookie dough bites
Cookie dough balls/bites
Vegan and healthy protein cookie dough served like ice cream
Cookie dough “Ice cream”
Healthy, vegan protein cookie dough, served with a peanut butter drizzle
Cookie dough, served with a peanut butter drizzle

I’ve also uploaded a YouTube video on how to make this yummy cookie dough , but it’s in German 🙂 If you’re not speaking German it might be helpful anyway as you can SEE how it’s prepared.


  • 150 g soft dates, pitted ( I used Sukari dates) – or date paste
  • 1 big tbsp nut butter ( I used peanut butter)
  • 40g vanilla protein powder*
  • 100 g oat flour you can use any flour that you like, but it should be rather tasteless
  • chocolate chips/chunks , preferably sugar-free
  • 100 ml water

*Can be left out, but then I’d recommend to use less water ( about 20-30ml should be enough), more oat flour and add some vanilla for taste.


  1. Blend dates,peanut butter and water together in a blender/ food processor. If you’re using date paste, you don’t necessarily need one.
  2. Mix in your protein powder, flour and last but not least your chocolate chips.
  3. Serve it in any way you want it and enjoy 🙂

Make sure to tag me in your picture if you’re trying out my recipe and post it on Instagram, so I won’t miss it and can repost it in my story.