5 ingredient raw (protein) brownies| 5min | Healthy & Vegan

These are the most simple but delicious brownies I’ve ever made. They are oil free, refined sugar free, gluten free and raw. You only need 5 ingredients ( one of them is water) and it takes you 5 min to make them! All you need is a food processor and the very few ingredients. There’s also a YouTube video on how I made these ( in German).

Since I workout a lot I used protein powder in my recipe. The result: 11g protein (when you cut the batter in 6 slices)! You can either leave it out or replace it with oat flour, almond flour, rice flour ect. if you don’t want to use protein 🙂

Raw vegan protein brownies with only 5 ingredients

If you are craving chocolate this is the best treat to satisfy your cravings – a healthy treat without feeling guilty? YES!Raw vegan protein brownies with only 5 ingredients, healthy and easy! 5 min brownies


  • 200g walnuts
  • 30g raw cacao
  • 150g soft dates, pitted ( I used Sukari dates)
  • 100ml water
  • 50g chocolate protein – can be left out * or replaced with oat flour or any other tasteless flour

* If you leave it out, you won’t need water. Maybe just a splash 😉


  1. Blend all ingredients in a blender until you get a sticky dough.
  2. Press the dough in a square form and refrigerate the batter for 30min ( optional, but it will be easier to cut it ).
  3. Cut the batter in slices and enjoy! Store them in your fridge 🙂

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