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Healthy, no chickpea 4 ingredient cookie dough! Protein packed, GF & vegan

I had just made chocolate chip cookies and knew the next thing I would have to make is cookie dough! I already have a recipe with chickpeas and apple sauce on this blog but this time I wanted to keep it really simple, authentic and healthy! For the basic version you need 4 ingredients and for the protein version 5 ( plus water). Check out…

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Protein packed vegan cookie dough

Salted caramel & chocolate swirl! Made with chickpeas, apple sauce and oats I love cookie dough, especially when you can eat it without worries! Most homemade healthy cookie doughs are mainly made with nut butter. I also love nut butter in my dough but it’s pretty expensive sometimes and I thought it would be a nice idea to make the dough a little “lighter” too….

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