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Gluten-free blueberry-chocolate chip banana bread | Healthy & Vegan

A MUST TRY recipe! This recipe is also available in DEUTSCH. Sooo fluffy and moist at the same time! I always make banana bread when I have very ripe bananas! They are super sweet and creamy, so don’t throw away your spotted, brown or even black bananas! With fresh blueberries and chocolate chips you can add more flavour and yumminess 🙂 I also like to…

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Fluffy, gluten-free chocolate pancakes

Chocolate for breakfast? OH YES! These chocolatey pancakes are healthy, easy to make and super delicious. I used two gluten-free flours but you can also use regular wheat or spelt flour. I’ve topped them with a tigernut chocolate cream and cherries ( These pictures were taken in summer). The perfect way to have chocolate for breakfast! They taste delicious with other fruits/toppings too!   If…

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Healthy, no chickpea 4 ingredient cookie dough! Protein packed, GF & vegan

I had just made chocolate chip cookies and knew the next thing I would have to make is cookie dough! I already have a recipe with chickpeas and apple sauce on this blog but this time I wanted to keep it really simple, authentic and healthy! For the basic version you need 4 ingredients and for the protein version 5 ( plus water). Check out…

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