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Crispy peanut tofu – easy to make!

Let’s transform boring tofu! This recipe will make you LOVE tofu 🙂 I served it with a sweet chili sauce. So good! You have to try this crispy peanut tofu😍 I have to admit that I haven’t experimented that much with natural tofu so far, but that’s changing now 💪🏼because this was SO GOOD! Check out more recipes on my instagram account @ginaa_marie99.

Vegan hazelnut coffee torte | Seriously the BEST cake ever.

Easier than it looks, simple ingredients and healthier than usual cakes! Okay it happened. I have made the best vegan cake ever! And I bake a lot… Honestly I’m still a little shook, haha. I’ve made this hazelnut coffee torte for my grandpa’s birthday, so my whole family had the chance to try it and give me feedback! What can I say?? They LOVED it….

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Simple 4 ingredient pancakes | Vegan

A basic recipe for lazy days and empty cupboards Pancakes take time but are too delicious not to make. These are made really easy and fast and with only four ingredients! Sounds great, right? Of course you can add spices, more sweetness ect. , it’s totally up to you. I prefer to make the pancakes not too sweet and use sweet toppings instead. Recipe 1/2…

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Chocolate-banana-buckwheat bread (Vegan & healthy)

Fluffy, low-fat and without added sugar! Holy moly ! This cake, bread  – whatever you wanna call it – tastes amazing. The texture and taste are unique because of the buckwheat, my mom and even my brother loved it. There is nothing “bad” in it. A completely healthy cake ( if you don’t go crazy with the toppings, hahaha) Will definitely make this nutty chocolate…

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Healthy protein carrot cake ( vegan)

On time for easter this weekend I came up with this amazing recipe. That cake is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever made – it’s juicy, clean, healthy and the yummiest thing eveeeer. I topped it with some apple slices and cinnamon , which made it even better. I had the whole freshly baked cake with me in Amsterdam and there was nothing…

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