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The best chocolate cake you’ve ever had| Vegan

Okay, so I thought the coffee hazelnut torte was the best cake ever… Well this chocolate bomb replaced the nutty cake. I’ve made this for a birthday party of two friends. They went crazy about it. I’ve never got so much positive feedback! Even the “Anti-vegans” and the people, who I’m not friends with loved it! So this cake is the perfect rough diamond to…

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Vegan hazelnut coffee torte | Seriously the BEST cake ever.

Easier than it looks, simple ingredients and healthier than usual cakes! Okay it happened. I have made the best vegan cake ever! And I bake a lot… Honestly I’m still a little shook, haha. I’ve made this hazelnut coffee torte for my grandpa’s birthday, so my whole family had the chance to try it and give me feedback! What can I say?? They LOVED it….

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