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Gluten-free blueberry-chocolate chip banana bread | Healthy & Vegan

A MUST TRY recipe! This recipe is also available in DEUTSCH. Sooo fluffy and moist at the same time! I always make banana bread when I have very ripe bananas! They are super sweet and creamy, so don’t throw away your spotted, brown or even black bananas! With fresh blueberries and chocolate chips you can add more flavour and yumminess 🙂 I also like to…

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The best chocolate cake you’ve ever had| Vegan

Okay, so I thought the coffee hazelnut torte was the best cake ever… Well this chocolate bomb replaced the nutty cake. I’ve made this for a birthday party of two friends. They went crazy about it. I’ve never got so much positive feedback! Even the “Anti-vegans” and the people, who I’m not friends with loved it! So this cake is the perfect rough diamond to…

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Chocolate-banana-buckwheat bread (Vegan & healthy)

Fluffy, low-fat and without added sugar! Holy moly ! This cake, bread  – whatever you wanna call it – tastes amazing. The texture and taste are unique because of the buckwheat, my mom and even my brother loved it. There is nothing “bad” in it. A completely healthy cake ( if you don’t go crazy with the toppings, hahaha) Will definitely make this nutty chocolate…

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