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Going vegan – My top 10 tips!

How you can become a longterm, happy and healthy vegan! Change your life for the better. For some of us vegans it was the easiest thing ever and for others the biggest challenge. Going vegan seems to be impossible to many people. They always tell me ” I could never go vegan. I could never live without meat, dairy or eggs.” Guess what! EVERY vegan…

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Fudgy sweet potato protein brownies Without oil, flour or refined sugar |vegan

Because yummy treats don’t have to be unhealthy! I’ve been wanting to bake sweet potato brownies like forever and now I finally did it. What can I say? They turned out SO delicious! If you haven’t tried baking with sweet potatoes, you have to try! I try to make this recipe as easy as possible, so maybe this is the perfect opportunity to give sweet…

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