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Crispy peanut tofu – easy to make!

Let’s transform boring tofu! This recipe will make you LOVE tofu 🙂 I served it with a sweet chili sauce. So good! You have to try this crispy peanut tofu😍 I have to admit that I haven’t experimented that much with natural tofu so far, but that’s changing now 💪🏼because this was SO GOOD! Check out more recipes on my instagram account @ginaa_marie99.

Vegan mac and cheese

Creamy, easy, healthy and delicious! For this smooth cheesy sauce recipe you need a mixer, food processor or blender.   I highly recommend serving it with some chili flakes! So easy and delicious! Save the recipe and try it yourself 😍 I’ll say bon appétit and as always, look forward to your feedback & remakes🥰

Falafel zucchini sandwich

How can something so easy be so incredibly delicious?! This sandwich was a spontaneous creation and I still can’t believe how yummy it turned out. My issue was that I needed something for lunch that doesn’t take an eternity to prepare, is healthy and includes zucchini ( they don’t get younger when they’re chilling in your fridge for a week, haha). Anyway! I got a…

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