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Healthy 5 ingredient banana oat cookies | vegan

An incredibly easy recipe for a healthy, delicious snack! I’ve spontaneously made these because I had a lot of ripe bananas, but didn’t have the time to bake a banana bread. They were so yummy and survived for only 2 days! I used different toppings for every single cookie. One was without any toppings and for the others I’ve used: almond splits, dried cranberries, cashews,…

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Vegan cookie ice cream sandwiches |Healthy & protein packed

The perfect summer treat if you ask me! They are super easy and don’t take a lot of ingredients. The easiest way to make them is obviously with some bought vegan cookies and ice cream. I choose to make both by myself to make the cookie ice cream sandwiches as healthy as possible! The recipe for the gluten free, yummy, protein packed and crunchy chocolate…

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