Salted-Caramel-Peanut Bites

Healthy, vegan & super simple to make

Protein-Caramel-Peanut Bars



  • 200 g dried apricots or dates
  • 80 g nuts e.g. Almonds / cashews / walnuts or a mix
  • 30 g protein powder e.g. the 3k vanilla toffee / or more flour
  • approx. 80 g oatmeal flour ground / finely mixed oatmeal

Peanut Caramel:

  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup or date syrup
  • a pinch of salt

Topping: approx. 50 g dark chocolate


    • Mix the apricots roughly in a shredder/food processor or finely chop them with a knife by hand. Then roughly chop the nuts in a blender. Knead all the ingredients for the base into a dough. If the mass is too dry, some water can be added. Press the mass into a square shape. The shape should be prepared with e.g. baking paper (or cling film) so that the mass can be easily removed later.
    • Mix the peanut butter with the maple syrup and spread it on the base. But everything in the fridge for about 20 min. Melt and spread the chocolate on top. Place the mold in the refrigerator again until the chocolate has set. Carefully take it out of the form and cut it with a hot knife.
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