Gluten-free protein chocolate chip Cookies |Vegan

A few days ago I was craving some chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t have a lot at home so these sweet and crunchy cookies only need 6 ingredients! Depending on which flour you’re using, one cookie can have up to 8g of protein. If you don’t care about the protein or don’t have protein powder at home you can just take flour. In this case you would only need 5 ingredients! The dough tastes amazing too and since it’s vegan, you can eat it without worries.

Vegan, glutenfree and healthy chocolate chip cookies

The chocolate is a little “messy” because I didn’t press down the cookie dough before baking but after 10 min baking ( I thought they would melt down but they didn’t :D). Your’s will turn out prettier, just make sure to follow the steps 🙂

Vegan, glutenfree and healthy chocolate chip cookies.

I originally wanted to make soft baked cookies but they turned out crunchy. I loved them the way they were so I just have to share the easy recipe with you! It doesn’t take long to prepare them and they don’t take long in the oven either.

Recipe ( for about 9 cookies)

  • 80-100g coconut sugar, depending on how sweet you want them to be ( other sugars will work too)
  • 100g melted coconut oil or any other plant-based oil
  • 50ml plant milk ( I used soy milk)
  • 200g flour ( I used a gluten-free flour mix )
  • 50g vegan protein powder ( I used vanilla)
  • chocolate chunks/chips , preferably sugar-free


  1. Mix the coconut oil with the coconut sugar, add in the plant milk, flour and protein. Use your hands or a spachelor to form a well combined cookie dough.
  2. Add in as much chocolate chunks and/or chocolate chips as you like. I used a few that are “baking proof” and others that melt normally.
  3. Refrigerate the dough for 15 min and preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F ( upper and lower heat)
  4. Form round cookies out of the dough. My tip for uniform cookies: use an ice cream  scoop to get the same amount of dough for every cookie. Bake them for 10-15 min.
  5. ENJOY

Make sure to tag me in your picture if you’re trying out my recipe and post it on Instagram, so I won’t miss it and can repost it in my story.

Also I am always thankful for any feedback and/or constructive criticism 🙂